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Payback LTD Report 2019

Epix Trader

Hello this is Payback LTD Review. This is a review on a new binary options software called Epix Trader. If you want me to review anything for you please just add me on Skype.


The Website

First impressions on the Epix Trader website, it doesn’t look too bad there is not anything obviously scamy like pop ups flashing up on the screen or count down boxes with the amount of spaces available are counting down to try and get you to sign up. The Logo looks fresh. It tells you about the what the software has to offer. but it doesn’t look to bad.


The Video

The Epix Trader Video starts off quite well telling you facts about trading and how most people do it for extra cash and at this point I thought it was looking good it looked professional but just when I thought I had found a decent software it took a turn for the worst. When the developers introduce themselves, they are paid actors, I have seen them before on other scam sites. So, from seeing something that was looking good now looks like a scam. If the software is that good, then why are they using actors and why are they lying to us and if they are willing to lie then you have to ask yourself what else are they going to lie about. Also, to the side it says that there are 26000 members, but this is a brand-new software so where have they all come from or is that just to make you think ¨Ôh It must be genuine if there are 26 thousand members ¨ More scammy tactics I think.


PROOF Epix Trader Scam


And Here below is there Agents page with there resumes on. Thew room they are in I have seen before as well, It has been used in other software scam sites. Below are the two actors’ profiles.




Epix trader scam


After telling us how much money they have made them take us through to their office in there house but it is the same hose that has been used in other scam videos have a look below. Note the pattern on the chair and the light behind the door.


epix trader scam